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The Little Bootcamp Book of Workouts

This book is a culmination of the very best workouts from Bootcamp Ideas. I also teach you how to plan and structure your workouts to keep variety and effectiveness in your bootcamps.
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Beyond Burpees

Here are 30 new bootcamp workouts from a very successful bootcamp business in New Jersey. It's kind of like the sister book to The Little Bootcamp Book of Workouts. We also included 10 fun games to get your campers in the exercising mood.
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Bootcamp Workout Ideas Vol 2

From Kaizen Outdoor Fitness. Even more bootcamp ideas to freshen up your training sessions and motivate your clients to new levels of fun and excitement! This collection of 50 brand new workouts will blow you away!
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Unique Bootcamp Workouts

From Leon Melnicenko. This book is the Choose Your Own Adventure of bootcamp workout creation tools. With 50 done for you workout selections and dozens and dozens of drills and ideas, this is a great tool for your collection.
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Bootcamp Boxing Ideas

From Kaizen Outdoor Fitness. Fill your group fitness sessions with all-out boxing mayhem! A brand new field manual reveals how to teach group boxing classes like an experienced, professional boxing coach... Even if you have never thrown a punch in your life.
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Bootcamp Workout Ideas

From Kaizen Outdoor Fitness. This collection of original and previously unseen workout ideas will freshen up your bootcamp sessions and have new clients beating a path to your door. Bootcamp Workout Ideas is a field manual of 50 complete workouts scaled for all fitness levels. It also includes 10 fun warm-up drills30 intense boxing combos and loads of insider tips straight from Australia’s top military and civilian PTIs.
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Team Competition Circuits Vol 2

From Leon Melnicenko. Like running circuits at your bootcamp? Well add some new team based one's to your repertoire. Get your clients working together and having fun.
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Kaizen Fitness Value Bundle

From Kaizen Outdoor Fitness. Best value. Order the entire set of Kaizen Outdoor Fitness field manuals in one go and save over $100.

What people think

Thanks for putting the survival kit together, I’ve been following your website and face book page for a while now which has been such a great resource so I knew the kit would be a good investment! I haven’t looked through all of it yet but I’ve already used two of the workouts and fitness games this week which my clients loved and I’m really looking forward to using the other ideas in the kit.

Oh my days – AWESOME!!!! Love, love, love this book. Thank you so much for sharing.

fit with you

Thanks again Kyle, the workouts look great and I cant wait to start using some of the ideas. Sometimes as a trainer you get a bit comfortable with what you know and do so its great to get some fresh ideas to enthuse new and existing clients. Many thanks to you and Jess for making this available.

I downloaded the book [Beyond Burpees] the first chance I got, cause I knew if it was coming via you that it would be worth every cent. I have already used one of the programmes this week and it was awesome. I also LOVE the behind the scenes section. Thank you so much! Anyone who runs an outdoor business needs this book. My clients think I am a planning genius!

Just wanted to say thank you for all the tips and different ideas on how to run an outdoor bootcamp. I’m new at the business and I have a lot to learn from people like you.

You have inspire me to be a better trainer and a leader. Have a wonderful day!!

I just wanted to say I really enjoy getting your emails with different workout ideas every week. Whether I end up using them in their true form or I just adapt them to suit my classes I really appreciate you putting these ideas in an email and sharing them with fellow trainers.

I run blokes bootcamps and ladies fitness classes 10 times a week so I am always on the look out for new and interesting things to incorporate into the sessions.

le fit

You’re the best think that has happened to my career Kyle Wood!!!

I love your work… and the other contributors!!

sky hunt

I REALLY enjoy your website.  I teach 3 indoor boot camp style classes each week at a fitness center and am always looking for fresh new ideas.  I decided to buy your book(s) because I enjoy the website so much and the ideas.  I am pleased with the products.  I take the ideas and find ways to modify them for indoors.  Thanks again for having the website and a variety of resources, I will continue to use the site!